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As a non-profit, we happily accept donations!                       Donate through Colorado Gives

Donations allow us to offset the funding gaps created by our current Colorado School Financing Formula, create opportunities for additional professional development, allow us to procure additional curricular materials, build reserves for rainy days and advance our technology infrastructure. We can’t do it without you--and are honored that you choose to give a portion of your hard-earned dollars to the success of NRCCS.

We appreciate all donations, small and large. By giving to NRCCS, you become a part of our family--and that means we invite you to stop by at any time.

Visit a classroom. Participate in our OEW program. Enjoy one of our events. Subscribe to our newsletters.

We are CREW!!

Donate through Colorado Gives


  • $10 / month will pay for STEM lab equipment for two students.
  • $15 / month will purchase a musical instrument for one student.
  • $25 / month funds one student during summer school.
  • $50 / month pays for one classroom to have access to critical online licensed applications.
  • $75 / month provides for a student to receive free after-school tutoring 4 times a week.