Mission and Philosophy

First, it means putting kids first. It means we try to educate the whole child through inculcating character traits, habits of learning, service projects, and outdoor education and wellness (OEW)--and using projects that bring together the investigation of important science and humanities topics with the world that surrounds our students.

We accomplish our mission through talented teachers and staff, strong basic math and english language curricula, expeditionary learning (EL) techniques with carefully designed portfolios and multi-age crews and activities. Except for math, classrooms contain multi-age crews (i.e., grades 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc.); buddy reading activities match an upper level student with a younger child, school community meetings involve all students (even parents are invited!) and OEW trips generally involve all ages. Older students are seen as role models to the younger children.

The mission of our free public K-8 North Routt Community Charter School (NRCCS) is simple: to challenge young lives to explore beyond four walls through expeditions and outdoor discovery. So what does that mean?

Outdoor discovery occurs in both formal and informal settings. We conduct outdoor education days for the entire school, structure age-specific field trips and  longer fieldwork trips and teach physical education every day. But we also encourage students toward more self-discovery in the outdoors through after-school clubs and activities that we sponsor or lead.

Since our inception, we have been associated with the expeditionary learning, or EL, movement. Expeditionary “products” are developed by students and included in each student’s school-year portfolio. Portfolios are one way to celebrate every step along each student’s educational journey.

“Charter” is part of our school name, but what is a charter school? In Colorado, charter schools are public schools and therefore do not charge tuition. They also don’t have special entrance requirements, don’t discriminate and accept students with disabilities and/or special needs. All charter schools are bound by federal and state public school laws. And, as a bonus, you'll be happy to know we do this with limited bureaucracy (read: less overhead) and creative educational programs! 

Charter schools are all about school choice--you get to choose to have your student learn at a charter school--and we’re glad you’re thinking about enrolling or are already enrolled at NRCCS! We are authorized by the Steamboat Springs School District.