Our Partners

We couldn't be successful without the cooperation and support of our partners in education:

After all, We are Crew!

Steamboat Springs School District

Our chartering authority is the Steamboat Springs School District. Colorado requires that each charter school report back to the district that authorizes them. The district ensures that we follow all the same accountability standards that they are held to. Additionally, we pay them to provide critical services to us that include but are not limited to: payroll and benefits processing; human resource services; student information data processing; financial system data processing, credit card processing, financial monitoring and accounts payable processing. We have an excellent relationship with our district and collaborate on certain projects.

EL Education

NRCCS partners with EL Education and through that partnership they inform and aid the implementation of 38 core, research-based practices that make up the EL Education model. These practices address every aspect of a school’s instructional program, culture, and leadership. It’s a comprehensive approach that fosters cohesion, consistency, and a common vision. With their help we are transforming our classrooms into spaces of active, engaged learning focused on supporting the achievement of every student. This partnership provides targeted professional development for both teachers and leadership, with personalized coaching and lasting school structures.

Colorado League of Charter Schools

The Colorado League of Charter Schools is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to supporting the charter schools in the state. The League is committed to helping NRCCS and other schools reach higher levels of student performance and overall success by providing information and resources, including technical support, governance training, legislative advocacy, public relations assistance, and much more. We heavily participate in the League’s activities, influencing its advocacy efforts, support of rural schools and strategic direction.

NRCCS' business manager was elected to the League's board and is currently its Vice Chair.

Steamboat Springs Education Fund

The Steamboat Springs Education Fund (SSEF) is a non-profit, independent corporation that administers the proceeds of the half-cent sales tax—five cents on a $10 purchase. Its mission is to enhance academic accomplishment in Routt County through student-facing investments in staff, facilities, infrastructure, technology, and curriculum, made available through our public schools. The half-cent city sales tax was originally approved by Steamboat voters in 1993 to fund “public K-12 educational purposes.”  Since its inception, more than $57.5M has been granted directly for public K-12 education in Routt County. NRCCS receives over $100,000 in staff support for instructional coaching, small classroom math instruction and part-time art instruction.

Rural Education Council

The Rural Education Council provides rural superintendents and organizations that support rural areas regular opportunities to interact with and advise the Colorado Education Commissioner about the needs, challenges and opportunities of rural districts. 

NRCCS' executive director was invited to sit on this council.

Education Leadership Council

The Education Leadership Council is a non-partisan, multi-stakeholder council, created through an Executive Order in June of 2017 by Governor John Hickenlooper. The ELC is made up of 25 leaders from government, business and the non-profit community with experience in early childhood, education, and economic development. The ELC is developing a unified, nonpartisan blueprint for our state’s educational system, from early childhood through the workforce. They’re working to help every student have the opportunity and tools for success, fuel our state’s growing workforce, and become a national and global leader in education - the State of Education.  

NRCCS' executive director was invited to sit on this council as the only principal in Colorado.

Partners in Routt County

Partners in Routt County (PRC) is incorporated as a non-profit and is a member in good standing of the Partners Mentoring Association and meets the accreditation standards for quality mentoring services. NRCCS retains Partners mentors to provide guidance, support and tutoring to each of NRCCS identified target students and implement in-school and after-school clubs and activities.  Providing this positive support allows students the opportunity to focus on academics and helps increase school performance and engagement at all levels.