Strategic Plan

We began our first strategic planning efforts in December 2016 with the examination of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It successfully kicked off our strategic planning process, which now occurs every three to five years. 

The resulting 2017- 2020 Strategic Plan can be summarized by the following primary goals:

Governance: The NRCCS Board will govern and act in a manner that is consistent with the mission, motto, and ends of the NRCCS school community and reflects board best practices.

AcademicNRCCS will maintain high academics--and prepare students for transition to high school and to adapt and thrive in a diverse world--all while teaching to the whole student with scholarship and character development.

Financial: NRCCS will develop and utilize strategic financial resources to strengthen the annual budget process to provide for the long-term sustainability and future growth of school operations and reflects financial best practices.

Operations: NRCCS will operate in a manner that is safe and evolves with the school’s mission, vision and ends in order to refine service to our students, parents, staff and community.

Facilities: NRCCS will evaluate, maintain and develop secure learning environments that stimulate optimal learning for our students and community