Performance Reports

Since 2015, our school has been the proud recipient of the Governor's Award for school improvement and the John Irwin Award Schools of Excellence award. 

The last three years of state performance reports are provided here. Should you have questions or want to discuss these results, please contact our Executive Director.

We are also rated by our national EL Education partner on the implementation of our expeditionary learning implementation. Specifically, they look to:

1.    Determine the level of implementation of EL Education practices in our school and all EL Education schools,
2.    Track growth of our school's implementation practices levels over time,
3.    Provide standardized scores that allow individual schools and researchers to analyze the relationships between level of implementation and other outcomes (e.g. growth in achievement, engagement, motivation, etc.), and
4.    Inform the work plan and professional development activities for our school and EL Education schools nationally.