"The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 213 countries and territories around the world."

Yes, individuals, schools, communities, states, and the rest of the world are all experiencing the challenges and devastation of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The challenges specific to schools are that each state, region and community has different characteristic of the virus: symptoms, incubation, transmissions and death rates all vary. Because there is no national strategy, we are totally dependent on state-level decisions. Youth symptoms and transmissions are especially difficult to understand.

This is our environment as we attempt to open schools for 2019-2020. Some schools are deciding to teach everyone using distance learning (some with technology, others not); some schools are creating small pods of students who stay with that same number of students and teacher(s) each day.  And, of course, there is the hybrid solution--a combination of home and in-person learning.

The page is designed to provide you a plethora of independent resources. Parents own the decision as to whether to send their kids to school or not. We have asked for all parental input in developing our plan to conduct school for 2020-2021. One plan will not work for 100% of the parents, of that we are certain. Regardless of your decision, we are here to work with you to ensure your child's education.

Parental Resources

NRCCS-handling of positive cases and communications to parents

Routt County guidelines to quarantines


Can I go to School Today?  A home checklist for parents and school staff.

Child/teacher/staff feels or appears sick after arriving at school.  A home checklist for parents and school staff.

Return to school/work guidance following a positive symptom screen for COVID-19.  A tool to determine how long a person needs to stay home after staying/going home sick

What about the class?   A tool to determine if classmates or cohort members or close contacts of a sick person need to stay home.

State, County, and City Resources

COVID-19 Symptoms

Steamboat Springs  School District Return Plan 

Colorado League of Charter Schools COVID-19 Resources

Colorado League FAQs

Routt County COVID-19 Resources

Colorado State COVID-19 Resources

CDE COVID-19 Resources for Schools

Preschool through 3rd Grade COVID-19 Considerations

Instructional Resources

I-01 Teaching Options For Pandemics and Catastrophic Events

I-02 School Calendar For Pandemics and Catastrophic Events

I-03 Instructional Time For Pandemics and Catastrophic Events