Our school was created by North Routt parents and interested residents, as it will always continue to serve our growing North Routt community, we also proudly strive to support and invite all interested students in our county to apply for enrollment. Due to our small size, we do follow maximum classroom size restrictions.

We are very grateful for the constant interest in enrollment at NRCCS, because of this we can face over-enrollment in some of our classrooms. We have created our guiding principles in the form of an enrollment policy. At any time our enrollment policy outlines the exact protocol NRCCS will follow, in any school year enrollment period, for K-8 applicants. We highly recommend you read this policy.


The first step for parents/guardians interested in enrolling a new K-8 student at NRCCS 

is to submit the


after this has been submitted you will receive a confirmation of submission email.


We will make final enrollment decisions in the month of May,

preceding the September-May school year in question.


During time preceding May 31, for every new school year, class lists will be finalized per our enrollment policy and classroom size restrictions. Once finalized, parents/guardians of new K-8 incoming applicants, will be contacted through the information previously provided in the "NRCCS K-8 Intent To Enroll in Future Years" form submission. Parents/guardians will be notified that their child is waitlisted or invited to begin the online application process.

Please do not fill out an NRCCS online application for enrollment

unless you have been invited to do so.