Applications for Enrollment

Apply for 19-20

What to Expect in Online Enrollment Registration

Parents/guardians will fill out an online application taking 15-20 minutes, that includes information about members of the household, emergency contacts (2) and student data. Application processing will be handled by the school(s) and notifications will be sent via email as an application moves through the approval process. 

  • You must have an email address. If you do not have an email address, click here to create a gmail account.
  • You must disable pop-ups, click here to learn how.
  • You must have required documents in electronic format to upload. Click here for tech tips to assist in scanning documents with your mobile device and uploading to your application. 

Please have the following information/documents available before you begin Online Enrollment (if you don't have the documents, but want to get your application registered with us, email us.)

  • Proof of residency/household information - physical address (a copy of a bill with the physical address on it), mailing address and phone numbers
  • Parent/Guardian information - work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
  • Student information - demographic and health/medical information. Student name and date of birth should be entered exactly as it is on the birth certificate.
    • Must upload immunization record
    • Must upload birth certificate
  • Emergency contacts (2) - addresses and phone numbers
  • Prior school address and phone numbers, if applicable

After the online enrollment registration application is processed, you will receive an automated email and information about the next steps to completing the enrollment. 

Enroll now

Enrollment Policy

Our school was created by North Routt parents and interested residents--and continues to serve the growing North Routt area. However, we welcome students from the entire county! Because we sometimes face over-enrollment in some of our classrooms, we have created guiding principles in the form of a policy for admission into NRCCS.

Class Size Policy

Our school was designed for 108 students and therefore we are forced to apply maximum class sizes for all grades Kindergarten through Grade 8. We do, however, maintain waitlists for each grade--and often students are admitted from those lists, so please don't hesitate to enroll.

Interest in Future Year

Once we receive your enrollment intention, your student will be placed on the enrollment list and will be prioritized according to our Enrollment Policy.

Thank you! We look forward to meeting you and your student.