Outdoor Education and Wellness

NRCCS appreciates parent volunteers helping on our OEW trips. If you can accompany us please sign up prior to the trip with Mrs. Chapple by filling out the volunteer form and being present at school by departure time.

 VOLUNTEER FORM  Volunteer Expectations


The mission of our Outdoor Education and Wellness Program is to provide a safe and positive outdoor experience for all students while teaching non-competitive lifetime skills.

The NRCCS Outdoor Education program is an important part of our curriculum and is NOT optional. Each student will reach personal goals, build confidence, develop teamwork and leadership skills, become healthy and fit, and gain respect for the environment as well as have fun. It is the expectation that all NRCCS students will participate in all of the outdoor activities with their classmates.

Outdoor Education and Wellness activities are coordinated across the grade levels from Kindergarten through eighth grade. The activities become progressively more challenging, building upon the student’s experience and competency.

All activities contain core objectives; including leadership, environmental education, health and wellness, and safety. The units throughout the year include biking, hiking, cross-country skiing and environmental literacy.

Reminder to pack a lunch on all OEW days, Clark Store lunch is not offered.