After School Program

Before School

Starting at 7:30am, Monday-Friday, a staff member will be available to give general oversight of students who arrive early to work on assignments, read, or conduct other quiet activities prior to the start of school. There will be no other supervised activities prior to school start.


NRCCS After School Program

We offer a fee-based after school program for the convenience of our parents. 

The after school program is available every Monday-Thursday that school is in session.

Our supervised care includes:

  • Study Hall and snack time: (3:15pm-4:00pm) this time is utilized for reading, homework and quiet time.

  • Activity time: (4:00pm-5:00pm) this time is for re-energizing and play; activities will vary from athletic endeavors, arts and crafts, specialized skills/programs and free time in our new gym!

  • For the 2021-2022 school year, students may attend study hall, or the entire after school program session. Fees will be charged for a full session (3:15pm-5:00pm) regardless of pick up time. All students must be picked up by parent/guardians no later then 5:00pm.


2021-2022 : After School Program: Fees

DAILY RATE: Drop in attendance: $15.00 for 1st child -- $12.00 for each additional NRCCS K-8 sibling. 

MONTHLY RATE: 3 days/week attendance: $155.00 for 1st child -- $130.00 for each additional NRCCS K-8 sibling.

MONTHLY RATE: 4 days/week attendance: $205.00 for 1st child -- $170.00 for each additional NRCCS K-8 sibling.

***Statements are sent out, via email, at the beginning of each month. Charges assigned will be for the previous month of attendance fees.***


The NRCCS after school program is a service we are very proud to offer to our CREW. At this time, daily drop ins are currently being accepted in the 2021-2022 school year, as our program is not at capacity. The operation of our after school program and drop in capacity restrictions, are always subject to change per staffing availability.

Please call the NRCCS office with any questions!