Student Service

All 6th through 8th grade students are expected to perform community service each year. If your student(s) is uncertain about his/her service commitment, please have them ask their teacher.

Student Handbook

NRCCS is a part of the Steamboat Springs School District, but control of the day-to-day operations is given to the charter school staff, under the philosophy set forth by the NRCCS board of directors. We look forward to building a healthy relationship with you and your child.  We believe parents play a very important role in their child’s education and NRCCS offers many opportunities for parents to be involved.

Welcome to NRCCS, where our excellent staff will provide an exceptional and unique learning experience for your child!

Parent-Student Handbook

School and Student Policies

Student Policies
S-1   School Entrance

S-1-A Early Entrance for Kindergarten

S-2   School Day

S-3   Student Absences

S-4   Supervision of Students

S-5   Student Conduct on Buses

S-6   Student Searches

S-7   Searches of Student Lockers

S-8   Student Records and Grades

S-9   Reporting Child Abuse

S-10 Homeschooling

S-11 Students with Food Allergies

S-12 Student Use of the Internet

S-13 Student Dress Code

S-14 Medication Administration

S-14 Medication Permission Form

S-14 OTC Medication Permission Form

S-15 Student Class Size

S-16 Drugs, Alcohol, and Controlled Substance Use

S-17 School Transportation in Private Vehicles

S-18 Enrollment Process

S-19 Testing and Assessments

S-20 School Transportation

S-21 Release of Student Records

S-21-R Regulation of Records Release

S-21 Form for Records Release

S-21 FERPA Statement

S-22 Conduct and Discipline

S-22-A Disciplinary Removal from Classroom

S-22-B Discipline of Students with Disabilities

S-22-R Regulation of Student Discipline

S-22 Disciplinary Form

S-23 Physical Intervention and Restraint

S-23 Incident Report

S-23 Notification

S-23-R Regulation of Physical Intervention/Restraint

S-24 Suspension and Expulsion

S-24-A Code of Conduct

S-24-E Grounds for Suspension/Expulsion

S-24-R Regulation of Suspensions/Expulsions

S-25 Expulsion Prevention

S-26 Bullying Prevention and Education

S-27 Extracurricular/Athletic Participation

S-28 Student Fees and Charges

S-29 Weapons in School

S-30 Student Travel

S-31 Sexual Harassment

S-32 Tobacco Use in School

S-33 Student Organizations

S-34 Regulation of Student Travel

Communications Policies
C-1   Public Information

C-2   Public's Right to Know


C-4   Complaints About School Personnel

C-5   Postings by Non-Students

C-6   Postings by Students


Finance Policies
Fi-1   Fiscal Accounting

Fi-2   Depository of Funds

Fi-3   Fund Balance Expenditures

Fi-4   Banking Services

Fi-5   Grant Proposals

Fi-6   Audits

Fi-7   Inventories

Fi-8   Maintenance and Control of Materials

Fi-9   Bidding Requirements

Fi-10 Purchasing

Fi-11 Expense Reimbursements

Facility Policies
F-1   School Safety

F-2   Student Safety

F-3   Crisis Management

F-4   Incident Reports

F-5   Fire and Lockdown Drills

F-6   Emergency Information

F-7   Prevention of Disease and Infection

F-8   Security and Access to Buildings

F-9   Building, Grounds, Property Management

F-10 Visitors to the School

F-11 Use of School Facilities and Grounds

F-12 Authorization for Use of School Facilities and Properties

F-13 Vandalism

F-14 School Construction Projects

F-15 School Closing and Cancellation

F-16 Flag Display

F-17 Public Conduct on School Property


Personnel Policies
NNP-1   Equal Opportunity Employees

NNP-2   Sexual Discrimination and Harassment

NNP-3   Staff Conduct

NNP-4   Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace

NNP-5   Tobacco-Free Schools

NNP-6   Staff Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring

NNP-7   Substitute Staff Employment

NNP-8   Permanent Personnel Files

NNP-9   Evaluation of Licensed Staff

NNP-10 Staff Compensation Plans

NNP-11 Staff Leave and Absences

NNP-12 Workdays

NNP-13 Overtime

NNP-14 Payroll Procedures

NNP-15 Staff Use of Internet

NNP-16 Grievance Procedures

NNP-17 Childcare Leave of Absence


NNP-19 Workers Compensation

NNP-20 Indemnification of Directors/Employees

NNP-21 tbd

NNP-22 tbd

NNP-23 tbd

NNP-24 Professional Memberships

NNP-25 tbd

Discipline Handbook

Each student and employee of NRCCS is entitled to learn and work in a safe school environment.  To ensure this, the school has established clear student discipline policies and consequences.  The following Discipline Handbook contains discipline guidelines, which are based upon the NRCCS Board of Education Policies, and which apply at any time a student is on school grounds, in a school vehicle, or at a school activity or sanctioned event.  

These guidelines are intended to protect students and staff from harm, to provide opportunities for students to learn from their mistakes, to foster a positive learning community, to keep students in School, and to show mindful consideration of negative impacts that can occur as result of involvement with the criminal justice system.

School Emergency Information

NRCCS takes security very seriously. We have adopted the K-12 security response protocol (SRP) from the the "i love you guys" foundation: Standard Response Protocol

Part of the SRP dictates that when in an emergency,  When You Hear It, Do It!!

We have also worked very hard with multiple Routt County agencies to create a Reunification/Communication Plan.

Student Counseling

Do you feel your student could benefit by working with our school counseling?

If so, tell us in what areas you feel your students needs help:  Counseling Referral

Special Resources (under development)

Required State Testing and Testing Tips

Letter to Parents (link TBD)

Testing Tips:


Half Day Resources

We have a number of Friday half-days that end at noon. That means no lunch, with students being picked up at noon. The bus will be in town between 12:30 and 12:45 p.m.

If you need afternoon care for your child/ren, please email or call Ms. Stella; our Paraprrofessonals accompany students to the Bud Werner Library for the afternoon, with parent pick-up occurs between 3 and 3:15 p.m.

Locker Decoration Contest Rules

We have locker decoration contests several times during the school year. Please be aware of the rules:

  • Decorated in a theme announced by the school
  • Decorations can not protrude or block the hallway or other lockers
  • Don't hang items on the locker door that may damage it
  • Nothing on top of the lockers
  • Decoration may occur 7:30 - 7:50 a.m. or 3:15 0 3:30 p.m.
  • Judging day will be announced and winners will be announced
  • Crew contest is the competition where the highest quality crew decorations with the most participants win--winners get a pizza party.
  • Have fun!

Thanks from external people, companies, clubs, etc.

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