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Susan Marshall

Want to learn or finetune your volleyball skills? Five days of skills training at the Middle School for incoming SSHS freshmen!

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2019 Colorado Preserve America Youth Summit
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Susan Marshall

The Preserve America Youth Summit, a program of Conservation Legacy, provides engaging on-site interactive learning and leadership experiences for students and educators at historic places with the goals of strengthening community efforts and motivating the next generation of stewards.

Application Deadline: April 26, 2019

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Rotary Fundraiser for Sancy's Soccer Field
Susan Marshall

The Rotary is sponsoring a Lobster Fest to raise funds for the community.The primary beneficiary is a soccer field in Sancy's name!

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Redefining Quality Initiative
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Susan Marshall

The League of Charter Schools is launching a Redefining Quality Initiative to create a more comprehensive, well-rounded and effective framework in which parents can exercise choice.

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In loving memory of Mrs. Shaw.....
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Susan Marshall

Many thanks to Ella Piret and Olive Subr for their tribute to our beloved Sancy Shaw.

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We Need OEW Voluteers!
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Susan Marshall

Join in the fun as we conduct outdoor education and wellness trips.

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Advocate for NRCCS and Charter Schools in Colorado
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Susan Marshall

An urgent request encouraging you to join the Colorado Charter Advocacy Network (COCAN) sponsored by the Colorado League of Charter Schools. 

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NRCCS  Receives Prestigious Award
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Susan Marshall

NRCCS has received a top award from the Colorado Department of Education:

"The John Irwin School of Excellence Award." 


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Help us help YOUR STUDENT
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Susan Marshall

We now provide a wide range of student counseling services to all students at NRCCS. 

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Amerigas Cash Rebate Program
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Susan Marshall

We can receive up to $2,000 each year if you submit your AmeriGas receipts to NRCCS>

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