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Families are a part of our crew and an integral part of the education provided at North Routt Community Charter School and Early Childhood Center. We value the knowledge, insight and skills of our families, and openly welcome them to participate in our school community. At NRCCS, we ask all families to serve in a capacity that feels right to you. 


To foster and strengthen the community and support our teachers at NRCCS, we have created the CIC committee - Community Involvement Committee. The committee will be focusing on the following areas and are looking for volunteers to help us. Volunteers are crucial for ensuring that we are able to provide the amazing events, field trips and OEW trips that makes NRCCS so special. Please let us know how you can help.


The NRCCS Volunteer Agreement and CBI background check will be required for any volunteer participating in an event or volunteer opportunity. Please send completed CBI background check to

Community Meetings are held every Friday from 8:15-8:45, we encourage our parent community to join us for this weekly event. 

CIC - Community Involvement Committee (Document Attached)
Purpose: We are a group of Parents, Caretakers and Staff that want to create a community of support for our students, teachers and staff.

You're invited to my new group 'NRCCS' on GroupMe. Click here to join:

Community and Coffee
2nd Friday of each month. Join us for a hot beverage and connect with parents and community members from
7:30am-8:15am. Everyone is invited to attend community meetings at 8:15am.
● September 8th
● October 13th
● November 10th
● December 8th

Parent Donations

To make a contribution to CIC endeavors, please consider making a donation to support their work. All money donated will go directly into a fund that is used for staff appreciation. 

Donate through NRCCS Colorado Gives site click here. To have this funding go directly to teachers add a memo labeled 'staff appreciation' or email to let them know this is where you want your funding to go. 

Donate through NRCCS account @northrouttcharter click here

Click HERE  to see current Donors Choose Campaigns supporting NRCCS students!!

Want to volunteer? Email and they will connect you with our wonderful parent volunteers!

Events - Alex Mathisen

Teacher Support - Whitney Shaw

Facilities - Elizabeth Wegner

Flex Fridays/OEW - Sarah Melear

Sign up for OEW Volunteer Days HERE

If you'd like to volunteer and aren't sure how to help, feel free to contact Alex Mathisen ( or 970 819 3360) and we will add you to our list!